Vegan Banoffee Porridge – National Vegetarian Week

So it’s National Vegetarian Week – Monday 23rd May – Sunday 29th May 2011 and I thought I would dedicate my blog to the celebration of all things veggie. A lot of restaurants have started launching a Meat-Free Monday menu in Glasgow at the moment and I want to show you how easy it is to not eat meat and still have delicious meals.

Now my intolerances mean dairy is out the window for me so you won’t find a million and one macaroni and cheese recipes from me so forgive me if things get a little Vegan, but it will still be delicious don’t you worry you’re little head.

I wanted to start with something a little different. When you think vegetarian I imagine you think of how to replace steaks, pork chops and dreary images of soggy aubergines and limp lettuce start to enter you thoughts, well forget that for now I want to talk to you about breakfast. The morning meal should not be taken lightly, it’s often my favourite meal. Now, yes, cereal with milk is vegetarian but when it’s the weekend and you want something a little special Coco Pops just aren’t going to cut the mustard.

One morning I needed something a little indulgent for breakfast so as I had a load of dates and bananas lying around I thought of sticky toffee/banoffe goodness. The following recipe is vegan and had been made with soy milk etc but you can use whatever milk is your preference, or non at all (all water) if you’re so inclined.

Vegan Banoffee Porridge


40g (1/3 Cup) Porridge Oats
250ml (1 Cup) Water
85ml (1/3 Cup) Soy Milk
Pinch of salt
4 Dates, chopped
Boiling Water
1 Banana, reasonably ripe and chopped


1. Place the oats, water, milk and salt in a saucepan and place over a medium heat.

2. Pour the boiling water over the dates and mix into a mush. I did not measure the water so put enough to just cover the dates and once they’ve dissolved add more to your own taste if needed.

3. Once your oats start coming up to simmering point and it starts getting all nice and gloopy add the majority of the banana saving a little for garnish. Continue to cook the porridge until it’s your preferred consistency.

4. Stir in 3/4 of the date syrup and mix well.

5. Pour into a bowl and swirl in the remaining date syrup and top with banana.

6. Devour.

Now I know everyone will have their own preference as to how to cook porridge, it’s one of ‘those’ foods, so if in doubt cook your porridge how you usually would but add the banana with enough time to cook through and break down AND please add a pinch of salt no matter how odd you may think it. Scotland has taught me many things and seasoning my porridge is one of the BEST ones.

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