A Stage Manager’s Diet – Revised

So today was a pretty good day energy level wise, it’s been a long day but a productive one that has not seen me reaching for 2 galaxy ripples and an extortion amount of choccy biccies.

My day in food:

Breakfast (8am-ish)

80g Fruit and Fibre w/ 125ml Soy Milk
2 Potato Cakes with 2 scrambled eggs and a slice of smoked salmon
1 coffee with soy milk




Green lentils dressed with red wine vinegar, olive oil, fresh parsley and mint and a slice of smoked salmon
1 Packet of Oatcakes
1 Apple

Mid Afternoon

10 cherries
250ml carrot and orange juice


Bowl of bran flakes with peanuts and raisins, dried coconut and a good handful of mixed dried fruit with soy milk
Super berry smoothie
Under-ripe banana
Chocolate tea (best thing EVER)


Camomile tea

Today I was full of energy! The humungous breakfast really pepped me up and sticking a load of fibre and protein in there really kept me going and feeling fuller for longer. I drank epic amounts of water throughout rehearsals which help with my concentration levels too and the small addition of snacking on fruit helped keep my blood sugar steady as I ate small portions at regular intervals.

I focused my lunch on protein, both plant and meat based, which helped fill me up and didn’t make me feel stodgy, bloated or tired as yet again I worked on through my lunch.  I was gutted my apple was dry and chalky as it’s meant to be a new season cox but I’ll opt for a zingy Granny tomorrow. I didn’t feel sluggish in the afternoon but I was very aware that I’d agreed to go for a run with my friend from work at 5.30pm before I started my 6.30pm rehearsals (I’m crazy I know) so I opted for the juice as a quick pick me up with the cherries that wouldn’t leave my stomach heavy.

After the run I felt great and opted for cereal so that I wouldn’t sit in the evening rehearsals digesting major starches and yawn like a trooper.  I had the smoothie and banana to pep me up and prepare me for my 45 min walk home.

I know it might seem mad to walk the 45 mins in and out of town and the 15 min jaunts in between rehearsals then to add the the run (15 mins) today with my friend could be perceived has pushing my luck but I think it’s important to keep your body fit.

Now the meal plan today was specifically geared towards providing the nutrients my body needed to be at it’s best. Plenty of fatty acids, Vit B in various forms, a lot of fibre and protein and drinking a lot of fluids made me the alert, productive SM I was today.

I’m not a small girl by any means, I’m often described as burly, curvy, cuddly or voluptuous, but I am physically fit. This doesn’t mean that I won’t break a sweat from walking in to town, quite the opposite, but my recovery times are excellent. I carry a lot of excess body fat but my body is fit and healthy and I think that I eat very well most of the time but you can indulge in foods that are ‘good’ for you.

My activity levels have increased ten fold since coming to Glasgow and my diet has reflected this but I’m still discovering what’s best for me. Hopefully over the next week it’ll all become second nature to me and I’ll be able to keep my energy levels up and my stress levels down and maybe, just maybe, my mouth infection will disappear.

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