Day 1 – £15 a week

I woke up this morning relatively positive. I was gently awakened by the delicious smell of fresh bread – bliss. It feels like it’s all gone a bit down hill from there. Tired, falling asleep in work, being generally hungry and miserable not great.

My meals today:


Porridge (made with a little milk and water)
1/2 Banana
3 Dried prunes
1 Mandarin
2 Slices of bread


Rice with beetroot, carrot and w/w vinegar. I also popped three thin slices of goats cheese
1 Mandarin
5 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Slice of Bread


Mushroom and egg friend rice
2 Slices of bread
3 Prunes
1 Mandarin

I am physically exhausted. I brought work home to do but cannot. I’m trying to write this in minutes because I need to go to bed. Pretty miserable day today, found it hard to deal with the challenges of work and for the first time in an age I was falling asleep in the rehearsal room. Very unprofessional!

I’ve also been cold most of the day and unable to get warm. I’ve only drank water so who knows maybe I’m having caffeine withdrawal.  People offered to buy my lunch today, or loan me money or encouraged me to pilfer what I can. It’s amazing how much sympathy/empathy people can have with me because they know me yet as a nation it’s easy to forget how hard it is for the millions we don’t know.

I may be more eloquent in the morning so apologies for the lack of reflection. I would love to have the entire government put on a restricted budget for a month. I’d even be generous and give the £20 a week to manage. It’s hard to eat well on so little if you’ve not spent hundreds on a great store cupboard.

Tonight as I drift off to sleep I’m going to be agonising over whether or not I allow myself a stock cube to make soup otherwise I’m eating seasoned veg water for a while.

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