Day 2 – £15 a week

Today has been a lot more positive. I enjoyed my breakfast, lunch wasn’t attrocious and I even made a lovely soup tonight from some of the veggies in my stew pack. Here’s a run down of the day:


1 bowl of porridge made with a little milk and water
1/2 banana
1 mandarin
4 prunes


Pasta with passata, garlic, dried basil
1/3 tin of sweetcorn
5 cherry tomatoes
5 prunes
2 slices of sourdough


2 slices of sourdough
1 bowl of vegetable soup


A few nuts

Today I changed the way I ate and grazed on all of this throughout the day. I also blew out and drank 2 cups of tea at work (I took my own milk in out of my allowance) as they provide it and I’d be silly not to make use of free tea. I should also point out that I’m drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

I’m interested in people’s advice when I tell them about this diet. Today it was suggested I take tea from work home, I’d like to stress that my house is fully stocked with more kinds of tea than you can ever dream of, but I could not afford that in my budget and I struggle to see how a single person living alone would be able to. This is why I’ve cut it out.
Today was also great as my colleague brought in some nuts and offered me a handful, I feel this was also okay as I wouldn’t refuse something that was being offered in good will to everyone in the room.

Generally I find there’s little temptation, food wise, in work as everything seems to be cake, biscuits or sugar sugar sugar! At home it’s hardest as everyone in my flat eats a similar diet so resisting a wedge of cheese or some butter is very hard. (Especially as it’s things I’ve already bought teasing me in the fridge)

As I say though I’m feeling much more energised today. Yesterday I couldn’t function properly and I was in bed by 10pm and fast asleep. My poor flat mate saw me in such a sorry state when I got home from work, I felt physically and mentally deflated and was delusional.
The diet that was budgeted for on the BBC was for a woman consuming 2000 calories a day but I require more as my job can be quite physical and I do cycle to and from work so I’m exercising everyday. How then can a more active single person physically have the energy on such a small budget? We’re encouraged to exercise and keep fit and healthy but how could someone do this on such a deficient diet? Or a male in fact who require a whole 500 cals more?

I’m lucky I’m surrounded with such support and love in my life but yesterday was a taster at how throughly draining, mentally, a bad diet can be. I have a week of this but there is an end in sight for me. I would be a very dour faced stage manager if I didn’t know when I could next buy an avocado. I don’t even want extravagant things in my life but I would like to be able to afford the £2 it would cost for me to make yogurt for a couple of weeks and I mean a lot of yoghurt. This would be an excellent source of dairy providing me with calcium and protein. I am worried about the lack of protein in my diet and lack of fibre. Some beans or lentils wouldn’t go a miss right now.

I did make a really great soup tonight and I made a lovely egg friend rice last night so tasty dishes can be created but it’s so hard vary the dishes you can make with just potato and carrots. Hopefully I will invent a really tasty recipe and post it soon but for now food only serves a purpose and isn’t bringing me it’s usual joy.

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