Beauty Standards

We preen, primp and tone our bodies to conform to modern beauty standards which change as every epoch puts worth in something different. We go into the supermarkets and we are greeted with the same. Preened, primped, toned fruit and vegetables that line aisles in glorious, idealist beauty. There are strict rules which these inanimate objects must live up to, even though they eventually get chopped, cooked or left to rot in the fruit bowl or salad draw of the fridge.

Now how many times have you walked past a local store with with shelves of ‘sub par’ veg, courgettes which have started to shrink, parsley which is yellow and wilting and then thought ‘disgusting’? Have you every found a mouldy beetroot in Waitrose and taken it to customer services and given it to them with disdain that they could be so careless to let it evade them?

Don’t worry, I suffer with this too. Yet I can’t stand food waste. There’s a campaign at the moment which is looking to force supermarkets to hand over their waste which is deemed edible. I wholeheartedly stand behind this! please take a moment to sign it.

Sometimes the unrealistic standards work in my favour as I claim a bag of peppers for 29p because they go out of date on the day of purchase. But I think we need to change our perceptions of what’s ‘bad’ or ‘off’ and try and salvage what we can.

In response I’ve created a piece called ‘Beauty Standards’ out of the medium of marzipan. Don’t judge the pieces by their appearance. They taste better than they look.


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