About Me

I’m Deanne, I live in Glasgow I work in theatre and I want to change the world through food.

Theatre is my life, I live, breath and work it, not only is it my career it’s also my hobby. One passion that competes with my love of theatre is my love of food and I want to combine the two to make a difference.

Update (24 May 2015) I’m about to embark on a two month project, researching food banks, how they work, the people who use them, what is donated and also look at helping with basic cooking classes for cooking skills etc. I will be volunteering at various places, as many as I can and along the way responding with pieces of art work, blog post or poems.

I’m not out to fix anything but I want to respond to a situation that’s taking place on our doorstop and I can’t sit ideally by as families and people starve. All this work will eventually lead to a theatre piece in collaboration with a number of artists throughout Glasgow.

About Me:

I can’t give you some rose tinted nostalgic moment of when I fell in love in food, like all great love affairs it manifested itself overtime and only grows stronger. I did a lot of the usual things as a kid, I baked with my Mum, licked raw cake batter off the spoon when I shouldn’t and refused to eat my vegetables which resulted in a plate of Scouse (stew) being upturned on my head. My Mum even used to come into primary/junior school and teach me and my classmates how to make classics such as peppermint creams, coconut ice and the staple Rice Krispy/Cornflake cakes.

I really started to get an interest in the chemistry and physics of food in senior school when I studied a GCSE Food Technology. Now for those of you who snigger and laugh and don’t value this as a valid subject at GCSE then I’d advise reading the curriculum for this subject, it was no walk in the park or making fairy cakes every week. From my late teens I ousted my Mum and Dad from the kitchen and cooked most meals in our house. I think I spent more time watching cookery programmes and the Good Food Channel than was healthy, I still have a soft spot for them now. You are always learning.

So what am I like as a cook? I’d like to say amazing, efficient and creative but in reality I’m messy, slap dash and inconsistent. I can make a tasty treat, I’m not denying that, but most of the time I’m making things up as I go along and I can never seem to recreate masterpieces.

My favourite flavour: Cinnamon
If you had to eat ONE thing for the rest of your life: Avocado

You can also find me on Twitter @DJ86 Flickr Deanne Jones

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